KSR - Raising the Standard of Kashrus Excellence in Canada since 1978

Find out why the leading culinary establishments in Canada trust KSR with all of their kosher requirements.

Learn why you should join the majority of Fortune 500 giants in the food and beverage industry who proudly bear the coveted kosher certification.
Kosher Certified
It's not just a stamp;
it's a responsibility

When it comes to the kosher certification of a place of business, KSR will describe its level of kashrus in one word: 


It is all or nothing, and we ensure that every step of the daily routine, from open to close, is in adherence with the strictest levels of Halacha.

How it all Began

At the call of the Sephardic community of Montreal, Rabbi David Sabbah has held the position of Grand Rabbi of Quebec since October 1978.

Chief Rabbi Sabbah launched the Kashrut Commission under the “KSR” stamp, i.e. the issuance of Kosher Certification of food products, the granting of the Kosher Establishment Certificate as well as the authorization to award a slaughter permits according to the strictest ritual according to halakha: e.g. the Shehita Halak Bet Yossef; ritual slaughter more rigorous than that generally practiced.

Grand Rabbi Sabbah and the KSR have set themselves the goal of providing people around the world with a high level of kashrut and quality control.

By promoting certification, we intend to take our clients to unexplored markets that will increase their sales and exposure.

Kashrus, Explained
“Kosher” is a term used to describe a food that conforms to the strict dietary standards of traditional Jewish law.
Such a conformity begins at the very early stages.
For many Jews, kosher is about more than just health or food safety. It is about reverence and adherence to religious tradition.
Watch Your Sales Soar

Is your product free of non-kosher ingredients?  There is no reason for it to remain uncertified.  Quite on the contrary. Let's begin the kashrus process and get you the KSR stamp on the packaging without any further delay.

Here is why.

Market Expansion and Increased Sales

Broaden your customer base by appealing to kosher consumers.

Boost sales with the perception of cleaner, safer, and higher-quality products.

Access export opportunities in markets with high demand for kosher products.

Competitive Advantage and Premium Pricing

Stand out from competitors by offering kosher-certified products.

Command premium pricing due to the trust and quality associated with certification.

Retailer Compliance and Consumer Loyalty

Meet retailer requirements for kosher certification, securing shelf space.

Build consumer loyalty among those who value kosher-certified products, leading to repeat business.

Risk Mitigation and Investor Appeal

Mitigate the risk of recalls or legal issues related to mislabeling.

Enhance brand reputation, making your business more attractive to investors and partners.

What's Next

Kashrus certification is a grueling process that requires years of training, experience, and knowledge accumulation.  

Thankfully, for you, the steps cannot be easier than pie. Just drop us a line and our team of rabbis, professional Machshirim, and Mashgichim (certifying and supervising rabbis) will take care of it all.